opus111 is a surface for reflections about classical music and culture.

One of the blog’s aims is to soften the supposed boundary between so-called “classical” and “popular” music.  It shies away from musicological analysis and aims for writing that is free but focused, associative but reflective.


About Me:  I’m a classical & popular music enthusiast who restricts his use of the word “debriefing” to describing the act of removing one’s undergarments.

Originally from the east coast of Canada, I’m now based in Toronto with my wife, baby boy, and our three cats: the mom and daughter team of Dub and Calypso, and the feline manifestation of unbridled orange terror, Fela.   I also orbit plenty of  jazz, blues, rock and classic reggae.


Contact: I appreciate questions and comments of all kinds.  Send them my way at  ben [at] opus111 [dot] ca.