American Routes ~ Hank Williams
Hank William (senior)  I accidentally stumbled upon the online archive of American Routes radio broadcasts, and wanted to highlight this particular show on Hank Williams. 

I always like to point to the soulfulness of this music.  It breathes, it aches in ways that are lost to the contemporary country crowd.  Williams’ are often tragic songs of life (to draw on the album title from another great country act, the Louvin Brothers).  Is “I’m so Lonesome, I could Cry” maybe the most perfect country song out there?

Maybe I’m only tracing my name in the sand here, but I post this as a healthy counter to the innumerable musical masqueraders who make up the “in-crowd” of mainstream country music.  For if Hank Williams’ music has soul, then they are its exorcists.

The Innumerable Musical Masqueraders … perhaps a good name for a roots country band?  Anyone want to join?

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